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Our yoga classes blend traditional, conventional and novel. We are one of the only yoga studios in Stone Ridge, Virginia where you can pack a bag, leave it in a locker room and have a shower post class. We are inclusive to all people and encourage you to come, even if you are new to yoga or running late. We hold a space that is warm and inviting all the time. Simply come as you are.

Hot Vinyasa

Challenging. Flowing. Edgy. Fun.

Find your breath again. Intelligently designed to leave you feeling more connected to your breath, body and lighter than when you began! Throughout class you’ll have space and freedom to explore the rhythm of your own breath through a powerful, dynamic, flowing sequence of postures to build strength, stability and flexibility. Each class winds down with a grounded, floors based series designed for rest and recovery. It’s both physically intense and emotionally liberating! 


(Full-service studio with locker & showers)

Power Yoga

Empowering. Transformative. Liberating.

Challenge your mind and body with a power flow that strengthens every fiber of your being. Close your eyes and feel the burn as your body transcends as you flow through vigorous, dynamic, complex variations, transitions, arm balances and inversions. Our infrared heating system, with temperatures up to 98 degrees, aids in releasing tension and stress – wonderful for pain management.


(Full-service studio with lockers & showers.)

Slow Flow

Grounded. Fluid. Meditative. Healing

Strengthen a deep connection to yourself by challenging your mind and body with simple flows and longer held postures. Participants are encouraged to practice with eyes closed to awaken and connect to their internal landscape, bringing each shape and posture to life with a focus and attention to a slower, longer breath, making it a wonderful class for pain management.


(Full-service studio with lockers & showers.)

Yin Yoga

Restful. Peaceful. Meditative.

Find a sacred space for deep healing in this passive practice which is intelligently designed to guide you into a deeper space of relaxation and peace. Most postures are seated and can be held anywhere between 2 – 5 minutes promoting a deep internal massage utilizing breath and gravity, allowing for a natural release of tension from your connective tissues. Reclaim peace and balance for your mind, body and spirit. Highly therapeutic and promotes a natural return to a healthier sleep pattern.


(Full-service studio with lockers & showers.)

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Disciplined. Empowering. Transformative.

A practice rooted in tradition. In this practice you’ll find comfort in repetition and healing through the original yoga therapy (yoga chikitsa) that we call Ashtanga Vinyasa. Purifying both your mind and body, each class begins with a moment to connect your breath before being guided poses. Build strength, flexibility and vibrancy. A balancing and energizing way to begin your day.


(Full-service studio with lockers & showers.)


Find a sacred space to practice anapana meditation, a breath focused meditation. Find freedom from pain and suffering with this mindful practice designed to calm the fluctuations of your active mind.


(Full-service studio with lockers & showers.)

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